Settling in

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Starting child care is an exciting experience but sometimes it can be accompanied by some nerves. We invited
the Educators of My World to share some tried and proven strategies for helping children and families settle
successfully into care:
Take the time to get to know each other:

Taryn: In our school aged room we love to meet our children before they start so we can introduce them
both to other children and staff. This helps with any nerves they may have and helps us get to know them

Fiona: Be patient. Settling in is different for everyone so allowing them time to get to know their
environments, the other children and their educators really helps them begin to find where they belong.
Katie: Stay and Plays are awesome before the child starts so that we can begin to build relationships with

Summer: If we know what time you are arriving on your first day, we can plan to allow some one-on one
time with your child to help build attachment with them and help them not to feel overwhelmed.
Kim: Build a relationship with the child care Educator before the start day.
Lucy: visiting for a play before starting is a valuable way for you and your child to get to know the
Educators, other children and surroundings.

Anahera: Stay and play before the first day provides an opportunity to build the foundations for an ongoing
partnership between the family and the team of Educators.

Share values, cultures & routines:

Fiona: Let us know your family values and practices so we can incorporate them into our program, making
sure each child’s culture is included.
Shakila: Letting us know your routine so we can follow what you do at home helps us to limit the amount of
changes that children may go through when starting child care.

Natasha: I love preparing healthy delicious foods that your children love to eat so any suggestions or family
recipes are very welcome so we can incorporate them into our menus.

Olivia: Finding out what the child’s interests are and favourite items to play with means we can create
environments which they love.

Ali: As well as building great relationships with the children that we care for, their families become an
important part of our My World Family too. Any ideas, information and skills that families can impart to us
means that we are providing the best care for their children in an awesome environment.

Reminders of home:
Sarah: Feel free to bring comfort items from home that they may love to look after for you. A cuddly toy or
blanket often helps and we love pictures of your family to display as well.
Nakita: When they first start, bringing in one of their special treasures, such as a book or something that
helps them engage in play and with others is great.

Trace: Sometimes a shirt that smells like a caregiver in the family can help little babies settle.

Anahera: Talk to your child about where parents and children go during the day. Where children go when
parents work.

Celeste: talk to your child before they start care and remind them of the positive things they will experience
with new friends. Assure them that you will be back to pick them up later in the day.

Katie: Let your child know that you will be back

Ali: Dropping your children off to a new child care service can be nerve wracking for families. If children see
that their family is happy and confident at drop off times, this then reassures them that they are in a fun,
safe place to be. Allowing time on your first day to settle your child also really helps children feel safe.

The goodbye:

Katie: Keep drop offs short and simple. Extended goodbyes can be stressful for your child. Generally
children calm down as soon as you leave and they see their friends.

Kim- Make sure you make time to say goodbye

Lucy: keep goodbyes happy and positive

Ali: Not being rushed or frantic but calm and positive and developing that great morning routine gives the
children confidence as well. Some of our families like to spend 5 minutes playing a puzzle or reading a
book with their child, letting the educators know verbally or in our communication books any important
information, then giving a cuddle and a quick goodbye. As children would love to spend all day with you,
sometimes as you leave they may get upset. Most children usually are happy and having fun within 5
minutes however, our educators are happy to call and let you know how they are settling in or alternatively
please feel free to ring at any time to find out how their day is going.

My World’s Educators and Managers are always available to offer advice and provide support.
Contact us now to organise a tour of our centres and meet our amazing team!

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