Danielle and the My World Rockingham OSHC Team have been amazing not only in the care, education and emotional support that they have given my eldest daughter Dakoda but also in the support and assistance they have given to me. These amazing woman dont just entertain and watch the children but actively educate, assist and guide the kids through fun activities, learning, drawing, music, dance, cooking and every game in-between, the list is endless and the dedication is amazing. On many occasions I have arrived to pick up my daughter and she is either playing in the park, outside participating in scavenger hunts, ball games and other activities or inside running around and doing what kids do best. During the school holidays, Danielle and her team offer a fun filled and active school holiday program that ranges from Ice skating and the movies to inflatable world and climbing playgrounds. Currently my twins are in day care with My World Waikiki, however next year when they start kindy I will absolutely be enrolling them into the My World Rockingham OSHC program and into the care of some amazing people.