Kathryn & Jeremy

We enrolled our daughter, Noni, into My World Seville Grove when she was 7 months old, our sadness in leaving our baby girl with ‘unknown people’ was quickly eased by how warm and friendly the ladies are in the babies room. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly Noni started talking, singing, dancing and becoming a smarter and more beautiful little version of herself.

Now that Noni is 19 months and we have been with My World for over a year, we feel part of the My World family and it is satisfying to know our daughter is very well looked after by people who she respects and learns in abundance from, not to mention Noni’s attitude towards ‘going to school’, makes us know that she is happy to attend.
As the parents of a full time day care child, we feel very welcome on drop offs and pickups in the centre and the ladies are always forthcoming with any useful information in Noni’s development, which really helps us at home further those developments.