Child Care Centre in Midvale/Midland

My World Child Care Centre in Midvale is a Long Day Care service which caters for 94 children aged from 6 weeks to 12 years.

NQS Rating:

Meeting the National Quality Standards

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 6.30am – 6pm with the exception of Public Holidays

Address: 33 Beaconsfield Ave, Midvale WA 6056

Phone: 92507776


Our Centre

6 large newly renovated rooms wth lots of light and a natural modern feel.

Children are organised according to age and developmental stage, catering for every child’s individual needs.

Our indoor environments allow many play based learning opportunities.

We are well resourced, allowing the outdoors in, with lots of natural loose parts play and many age appropriate areas for children to develop their interests while learning with each other.

Our outdoor environments cater for each age group and include both fixed and loose part equipment which allows children to design their own play areas.

We emphasise the natural environment by growing our own fruit and vegetables and are currently enjoying some of the fruits of our labours with an abundance of grapes and pumpkins. We are looking forward to seeing how are sunflowers, passionfruit and other various seasonal vegetables grow.

The children become responsible for their environment through both gardening, looking after our fish and worm farm and through several recycling projects that lead to some great sustainability practices.

Our Curriculum

We are Reggio Emilia inspired, we believe in child led learning, that all children contribute to the direction of their learning, we believe the child has 100 Languages, that they have endless ways to express themselves.

Our educators are passionate about caring for children and extend this passion to working with families and the wider community to provide a safe, inspirational environment for children to learn and grow in social, emotional, cognitive and physical areas.

Vacation Care

We offer Before & After School & Vacation Care for your children.

In our 5-12 age group, we provide bus services to 7 local schools for both Before and After School Care
A comprehensive Vacation Care program that was developed by the children, families and educators combined and based on the children’s interests.

Our Menus

Our menus are developed with input from families and prepared with consideration of our Food Safety Program which is independently audited at a high performance level.

The menus are continually reflected on and adjusted with the input of the children and according to providing at least 50% of their dietary needs according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines.


Health and Safety is at the fore front of all our practices with several community links including Ear Health Checks, St John Ambulance partnerships, Aboriginal Health groups and Telethon

We provide information for families regarding everything from healthy eating, physical activity, immunisation, sleeping habits, school readiness and parenting support.

Other community links include visiting and inviting several elderly groups to join with us for activities with the children, working with charities to help others and promoting positive relationships with others in our wider world.

Our Passion

We are an inclusive centre where everyone from all walks of life is welcome and we believe all contribute to developing understanding and respect of differences between each other.

We are passionate about providing a high standard of care for our children, catering for all individual needs. By allowing them to be valued as a gift, heard and acknowledged, enabled to dream big and reach high children grow, learn and contribute positively to the world around them.

Each child is an individual, created with a unique destiny, unique abilities and interests. In taking a holistic approach, we recognise the connectedness of mind, body and spirit. We believe that it is our role to foster, stimulate and develop each child’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning.

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