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My World Child Care Centre in Midvale is a Long Day Care service which caters for 94 children aged from 6 weeks to 12 years.

2024 School Holiday Program
Due to limited availability please contact Midvale centre directly on 08 9250 7776 or via email at
33 Beaconsfield Ave, Midland WA 6056

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About Us

Introducing My World Childcare Midvale, where your child’s journey of growth and learning is nurtured with care. Our 94-place centre caters to children aged six weeks to 12 years, providing a diverse range of programs in six dedicated rooms.

We offer long day-care from 6:30 am to 6 pm during the school term for children under five and extend our services up to 12 years during vacation care. Before and after school care is available for various local schools, providing convenience for working parents. Our vacation care programs thoughtfully designed, ensuring flexibility for all parents.


At My World Childcare Midvale, our 94-place centre is thoughtfully divided into six rooms, each tailored to cater to specific age groups and developmental stages:

Babies Room

(6 weeks to 18 months):
- A nurturing space designed for the youngest members, focusing on providing a secure and
loving environment for infants.
Tiny Tots Room (18 months - 2 years):

Tiny Tots Room

(18 months - 2 years)
Transitioning from infancy, this room caters to the needs of toddlers, encouraging early
exploration and social interaction.

Toddlers Room

(2-3 years old)
A dynamic environment promoting the development of motor skills, language, and
socialisation as toddlers begin to assert their independence.

Kindy 1 Room

(3-4 years old)
Geared towards preparing children for school, this room focuses on foundational skills and
social development, laying the groundwork for a smooth transition to formal education.

Kindy 2 Room

(4-5 years old / Shared Kindy with School - Fortnightly Bookings) Bridging the gap between childcare and formal schooling, this room offers a shared Kindy
program, aligning with schools and providing flexibility with fortnightly bookings.

Schoolies Room

(OSHC - 5-12 year olds)
Dedicated to before and after school care, as well as holiday/vacation care, ensuring a safe
and engaging space for older children while fostering a sense of community.

Our Commitment
Our commitment to providing the best start in life for every child at My World Childcare Midvale extends to specialised programs aimed at early identification and intervention. Here are the key components:

1. Early Identification & Intervention:
We prioritise the early identification and intervention of developmental needs, ensuring that every child's unique requirements are recognised and addressed promptly.

2. Autism Champion Service:
Recognised as an Autism champion service, we have three dedicated staff members trained to support children on the autism spectrum. This specialised training enables us to create an inclusive environment that fosters the well-being and development of children with autism.

3. Basic Auslan Training:
Many of our staff members undergo basic Auslan training, enhancing our ability to
communicate effectively with children who may benefit from or use Australian Sign Language. This inclusive approach ensures that communication barriers are minimised, promoting a supportive atmosphere for all children. Whilst all our staff are at different levels of learning Auslan, some of them have formally completed courses & we have previously had an Auslan tutor out to the service to embed this learning with the children.

4. “Lets Read" Trained Service:
As a "lets read" trained service, we place a strong emphasis on early literacy and language
skills. This program is designed to enhance children's literacy development, laying a solid
foundation for future academic success.

5. Engagement with Communicate Inc:
Over the years, we have actively engaged with Communicate Inc, a reputable organisation
specialising in community services. This collaboration has allowed us to facilitate and implement a strategic inclusion plan for our service. By partnering with experts, we ensure that our inclusive practices are continually refined and aligned with the best standards in the field. These programs collectively demonstrate our proactive approach to ensuring that every child, regardless of their unique needs, receives personalised attention and support, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling educational journey at My World Childcare Midvale.

Meet Cassie!
Director of My World Child Care, Midvale


Hi, I'm Cassie, the proud director here at My World Childcare Midvale. My journey with this wonderful community began when I was just 17, starting as an assistant. After a rural adventure with my fiancé for four years, I returned in late 2022, eager to continue the fulfilling work I started. My world revolves around my beautiful daughter, Cora, and my adored dog, Harvey. They bring so much joy and energy to my life, just like the children here at our centre.
Recently, I achieved a significant milestone – I graduated with my degree in Early Childhood Teaching. This accomplishment represents not just my personal growth but also my commitment to providing the best possible educational experience for the children in our care.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead such a dedicated and diverse team at My World Childcare Midvale. Together, we strive to create a nurturing environment where every child can thrive and build the foundation for a bright future. I'm excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact we can continue to make on the lives of our children and their families.

Team section

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Hear from the Parents Themselves!

My son has been attending this day care for almost 2 years and I have nothing but positive things to say. I started him full time in daycare as I headed back to work just over 6 months old at another daycare and had such an awful experience I was contemplating not going back to work at all as I thought maybe a daycare was not able to deal with such a young baby until I tried my world.



We absolutely love My World Midvale. The staff have been so welcoming since we first joined. From helping with babies routine, toddler toilet training, helping my toddler understand his emotions and helping them gain independence and new skills.

He has also made very strong connections with the leaders and has a great group of friends there too.

Jemima C


Love My World Childcare, staff friendly. Very easy to arrange or swap day even they were fully booked they still tried their best to fit your child in. My daughter love Vacation care,  lot of activities.  Would recommended for everyone else :)

Garden N


We love this daycare. The staff are friendly, patient and loving to all the babies. They have assisted greatly with things we were finding tricky with at home Eg: using a puffer, brushing teeth, toilet training, making those skills much easier to master.

Holly D


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